Spending Time in Suzaku no Niwa

Garden always be one of the most prominent Japanese masterpieces. There are a lot of gardens throughout the country, and all of them have been preserved very well and carefully until now. One of them is Suzaku no Niwa (朱雀の庭). This garden got its name from the same name, Suzaku, as the main avenue of Heian-Kyo, ancient name of today’s Kyoto. This garden started to be able to visit by public since 1995. It is located inside Umekoji Park (梅小路公園), and open the whole years from 9 am to 5 pm, with last admission at 04.30 pm, except on Monday and New Year’s Holiday (Dec. 28 – Jan. 4).



Inside, it included many natural spots that will bring your body to loosen up and fresh again. Starting with Mizukagami pond that has mirror-like surface, built by using an innovative method covering black granite slabs with flowering water only a centimeter deep. Next is small waterfall that has vertical drop of 6 meters, the largest of all waterfalls in the Japanese gardens in Kyoto. It also has Nosuji, a creek flowing out of upwards waterfall winds its way through gentle slops of hills with undulating mounds, which has been existing here since almost 1,000 years ago. Lastly, there is Inochi-no-Mori (living forest) that has variety of animals living inside of it with Japanese Red Pine Grove as additional views.



This garden collects only ¥200 for entrance fee, that could be obtained at vending machine in front of the front gate, and best to visit throughout the year, except maybe at winter. Offering different range of colors’ scenery, from blissful pink at spring, shady green at summer, and shining orange at fall. It also become very famous nature observation with wide varieties of birds and insects, such as Long-Tailed Tit, Kingfisher, Hawk Moth, Stag Beetle, and many more.



Surely, this garden is a must-go place when visiting Kyoto. As memorable as it can be, it gives natural nuance in the middle of the city and assuredly warm the hard heart.


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