A Fine Day in Umekoji Park

Park is always the best place to spend a beautiful clear day, especially with a family or a loved one. There are many great parks that people attached, such as Central Park in New York City, USA. Apparently, Kyoto has a big park that perhaps same as Central Park, that is Umekoji Koen (梅小路公園). Located in near to Kyoto Station, this park full of interesting sight and always filled with happy citizen spending their time to relax, play ball, or picnicking with delicious snacks and tasty drinks. Mostly visited on a sunny day, it offers not only wide variety of sightseeing spots with spacious green square as far as people can see, but also shady small forest with clear water ponds in it.



Opened to public in 1995, it has became local favorite until now, with smooth breeze and melodious trains’ sound by going to and fro the station accompanying them. This park also intersected with Kyoto Aquarium entrance in the north and Kyoto Railway Museum on the west side. Many activities can be found here, most of them just spending in their own mat with food, some of them playing fun ball games like throw-and-catch, and even there are people do unique things like drawing the sakura!



On other side of park, there is exceptional resting area equipped with cute cafe when people can having fun with enjoying tasty treats. This place made of old green train as the symbol of past glory. In there people can sit like in the city tram and play along many things at once. The cafe served many tasteful ice cream with various flavors and small cake with cheap price.



Sure, it is one of the place that is really worth to visit. Just drop here and sit, removing all your stress at once, or you can enjoy watching kids running around with their friends happily. It is free and near the station, so what are you waiting for?

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