I love the famous Japanese Cartoon “JAPAN HIKARIAN RAILROAD”, I like the Hikarian Nozomi and the Nanhai Ninja. I never thought about coming to Japan. I never thought about coming to see the real version of the Iron Train Man !

The Kyoto Railway Museum is about 15 minutes’ walk from the west of JR Kyoto Station. The signs are clear and easy to find. Opened in 2016, the museum is the largest railway museum in Japan. It has been exhibited from 53 trains, including steam locomotives (the speed of the devil) to the Shinkansen (Sunshine Captain!). There is also the JR500 series car that was painted as the theme of the Evangelion EVA1! For me, both anime fans and locomotive enthusiasts, this is a world of dreams.

On the second floor, there is also a machine that simulates the running of the train. You can wear a driver-specific hat and uniform to enjoy the fun of driving the Shinkansen! Here, visitors can experience the modernization of Japan through the history of the railway. The back of the museum you can find the steam train experience center, although it is worthwhile to buy tickets. The steam locomotive has three compartments, and the steam in the chimney of the front is filled with steam. As if returning to the Showa era, with the operation of the locomotive, you can see the active Shinkansen flying along the JR railway, lamenting the passing of time, the advancement of technology, and the permanent presence of the soul of the old locomotive. It is very suitable for bringing children with you, the facilities inside the tube is complete, comfortable and comfortable to understand the Japanese locomotive culture, but also to stimulate children’s interest, is a must-come place of Kyoto Shimogyo-ku!

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